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Bad Karma

Not taking thesis hours this summer wasn't my wisest move. As now I have to join Friends of the FSU Libraries to get my checkout privileges back. Not fun to find out after you've already been through the stacks. Anyway, as I was writing the check out for the membership I had to check the date, not good. It's not that it's Friday the 13th that's bad, it's that it's June 13th, which is a date that's not been kind to me. Two consecutive summers at camp were ruined on that date way back when, and then there was that game last night, which definitely ended after midnight. How do these connect? Well the second summer at camp was screwed up by three seizures in one night all because I went to the infirmary after the first one. This was a bad move because it was the only place in camp with a TV and it was Game 6 of the 1997 Finals. While that night was worth watching, the date remains and I'm beginning to wonder if I need to hibernate on June 13th.