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Argh! My body hates me. Another seizure despite the new medicine. However, I did have to skip 50mg of Lyrica as my doses were messed up, but that was three days ago. I don't think that was the cause though, but rather the end of my period. Catemenial seizures suck, but alas I have more info for my next appointment. Won't suggest anything unless I have more activity between now and my next appointment. I wish my neuro actually read my chart though, instead of just the daily sheets we fill out. *sigh*


:( *hugs*
thanks. it's not bad, just annoyingly inconvenient.
I can't even imagine. You're brave for dealing with it!
*sigh* thanks, it's been part of my life long enough that it's either deal or live a way sheltered existence, and no car shelters me enough thanks.