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*jaw meet floor* Tiger's done for the year. I can't say I'm surprised, but I am more thoroughly impressed at what he did in the US Open.


Woods said on his Web site that he will have surgery on his anterior cruciate ligament. He also wrote that he needs time to rehabilitate a double stress fracture of his left tibia, which he said was discovered just before the Memorial Tournament in late May.

And he revealed that he originally ruptured the ACL in 2007 while running at his home in Orlando after the British Open.
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so... I think I was seated next to his caddy's girlfriend on a flight from Chicago yesterday (and she's a professional bicycle racer). She didn't say who her guy caddied for, just that he recently dropped out due to injury... I get home and this is the only news I can find.

Tiger's caddy is married, but Luke Donald dropped out due to injury, maybe it's his girlfriend?
When did he drop out? They may have been married... she was using vague terminology :)
Tiger didn't drop out, Luke dropped Sunday afternoon.