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Normally trips to the grocery store are boring, well this week that was decidedly not the case. My cabbie gave me a break on the fare in exchange for driving through the bank on the way to drop me off, and he gave me a return trip for free. Also, I saw Sean for the first time in ages. Found out that he's about to leave Tallahassee to move to LA. *tear* However it was nice to see him especially as his birthday was last weekend. I wonder if he'll actually keep in touch as he promised. *cue feelings I hadn't felt in ages* Other than that though, grocery shopping is just expensive, even when I only go once or twice a month. Not sure how much I'll be eating though as my efforts to not have a huge utility bill has sapped my appetite.

Also, I'm working the next two weeks, so it'll be nice to get out of my apartment. Campus in the summer is dead and I haven't any sunscreen for laying by my pool. Plus, it gets nasty constantly. Work tonight is dead though. I'm in Wildwood, but only orientation leaders are here, none of the oriented. I've seen four people all night. And discovered on rounds that most of building two's occupants have left town for the weekend, it was a ghost town. Plus, the computer in the building two office was off, not cool. As a result, I'm chilling in building one. Might go back through building two on 6:00 rounds though.