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I've been tossing several entries around in my head, but many are long topics, such as book reviews and the Brett Favre situation. However, since I'm feeling guilty about my lack of postings here goes. I've been staying up late and getting up early to watch USA Basketball exhibitions. And while this team is on a three-year program, and thus has been together a while, I still have reservations. The first three games (Canada, Turkey, and Lithuania) were the typical blowouts with lots of flashy plays. The last two games (Russia and Australia) have revealed shortcomings, such as a lack of half court play. The ability to break or shoot over the zone defense will be crucial, but the point guard rotation seems to be disrupting the offense, as Jason Kidd doesn't get much playing time and Chris Paul is getting beat on defense. Only Deron Williams seems dependable. Also, players are in roles they are unaccustomed to, such as Kobe Bryant being the main defender instead of the go to guy on offense. The perimeter shooting is working nicely with the international arc being closer to college range (I think college players should be shooting from the international difference), despite the tendency to shoot from NBA range anyway. However, the ability to play in the half court and play a slower tempo will be crucial to bringing home the gold. It's been eight years since that happened, and that seems like an eternity.

On a lighter note, the announcers today made a comment that I much enjoyed. They both have history degrees, and agreed that they did it in part to avoid the math requirements. :-) Also on an announcer note, Doug Collins will be calling games in Beijing, which should be interesting as his son is on the USA Basketball coaching staff as a result of being one of Coach K's assistants at Duke. As for my thoughts about Coach K winning a gold medal. :x However, it was revealed that even if the USA wins gold, he doesn't get an official medal. ;-)