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First Week of the Olympics

I'm awake waiting to see the Olympic coverage I slept through and debating sleep before the 8am USA-Spain basketball game. Also, feeling guilty for neglecting my journal. However, Michael Phelps is awesome. Seven gold medals and six world records? Geez. However, the 4x100 freestyle relay and the 100m butterfly race show that sometimes it's better to be lucky than good, as Phelps wasn't swimming anchor and Cavic messed up his stroke count to give him two close wins. Part of what I slept through was an interview with him and Mark Spitz. I'm sorry Spitz wasn't in Beijing to hang that seventh gold, and last individual chance, around Phelps' neck. I'm excited for the medley relay tomorrow. A new king of the pool could be crowned and it would be fabulous to see it.

On another historical note, congrats to Nastia Liukin and Shawn Johnson for being the first US women to go gold and silver in the women's all-around. Nastia stuck her landings while Shawn didn't, finally giving Nastia the advantage over the reigning world and national champion. Both stand a good chance of getting gold in the event finals, especially Nastia on uneven bars. However, as thrilling as the all-around was, the women's team final was just as painful, especially Samantha Peszek's injury during warm-up on qualifying day. Chellsie Memmel is wonderful, or crazy, for competing on a broken ankle (bars only). The Chinese capitalized on US mistakes to win gold despite the US being the reigning world champs. And the controversy over the Chinese using underage gymnasts makes it sting worse. What gymnasts are 4'7" and under 75lbs. (per ESPN profiles) at sixteen? And that pertains to three girls, half the Chinese team. Plus, the IOC isn't willing to really investigate (accepting passports as proof) as Beijing is the host city. *eye roll* I hope that the organizers of the next Worlds, in London force the International Federation of Gymnastics to really investigate the Chinese. Anyway, lest you think I've been neglecting the men, that bronze in the team competition was awesome given the injuries. I'm done for tonight, but I'll get to Brett Favre eventually.