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Second Week of the Olympics

Ok, so that medley relay made Michael Phelps the king of the Beijing Games. And the Sports Illustrated cover of him with his eight gold medals was fabulous. However, the story of week two wasn't an American, but rather Usain Bolt of Jamaica, the first man since 1984 to win the 100m and the 200m, and he got a gold in the 4x100 relay for good measure. I'd care if he's not American, he's freaking amazing. The American triumph in the 100 and 200 though was Walter Dix getting two bronzes, the second after a messy 200 involving two DQs. Why does this matter? Because he's been part of three national championship track teams for FSU, of course. Any medals by Noles are always welcome. Despite the fact that the Olympics are almost over there is still some unfinished business. First, the IOC is finally taking a closer look at the Chinese gymnasts, who might be underage, and who beat Nastia Liukin on uneven bars, not cool. Very cool though was Shawn Johnson finally winning gold, on beam. Second piece of unfinished business tips of at 2:30am, the gold medal men's basketball game. Nike made a commercial of Team USA clips with Marvin Gaye singing the national anthem, I just hope it wasn't premature. The Redeem Team, as they call themselves, has appeared at several other USA events and done much to repair the ill will created by the team in Athens, but to complete the mission, gold is a must, and they've beaten Spain once already. *crosses fingers* More later.

5am Edit: Nike's not crazy, and redemption's been had, but was that really the same Spanish team from a week ago? A thirty-seven point victory became eleven with a gold medal at stake. And with eight minutes to go, the US was only up two, as defense wasn't working tonight. However, Coach K, who deserves major props for getting the prima donnas pro players to play as a team, gave the ball to Kobe Bryant, who either scored or assisted on fifteen straight points and sealed the game with a four-point play. I've been wondering since the exhibitions started if the shit hit the fan who'd get the ball. I just didn't expect to find out in the fourth quarter of the gold medal game. I've also wondered exactly what the end game pecking order was, but now I know that winning an MVP while losing in the Finals wasn't for nothing. However, without Dwyane Wade, no gold medal happens, as he picked up the pieces after LeBron James and Kobe got in early foul trouble, in a game with more fouls than I've seen all Olympics. Anyway, it's over and the national anthem's been played. However, the Redeem Team and the Dream Team will never be equal.