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The news of the day was all about Kobe. His motions hearings finished early, so he was arraigned this afternoon. I saw it live on CourtTV, and then several times later on SportsCenter. Since they finished at 2:30pm Eagle time, he was back to LA in plenty of time for tonight's game. And he played wonderfully, scoring forty-two points and doing everything. All this after having done his fourth Eagle to LA commute this year. He'd led his team to victory the three previous times and tonight was no exception as the Lakers won 98-90. He looked as if the weight of the hearing was being played out on the court and the Spurs were the unfortunate victim. However, this now means the series is tied going back to San Antonio on Thursday night. Since no trial date was set today, there will be another hearing on May 27th after the DNA retests, presumably by the defense, have a better timeline.