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The Super Bowl results left me near tears and the beginning of this NFL season has begun the same way. Tom Brady's out for the year, which makes Brett Favre's move to the Jets look genius, as he's the best QB in the division now. Despite the talk about many Super Bowl losers not even making the playoffs the next year, I didn't believe it about the Pats, but now I'm not so sure. Add to this the Colts losing to the Bears and I'm wondering if a power shift is looming, that I don't want. Here's hoping the Pats can make the playoffs without the reigning MVP.

On a better note, FSU scored 69 points against Western Carolina! That's the most I've seen them score as a student. And while you might say it's Western Carolina, we've had poor showings against supposed patsies before, UAB and Troy come to mind of late. It was nice to have a game where pass and run yards were about equal and have a starting quarterback who doesn't do stupid stuff. We had no turnovers, and very few penalties, which is a step in the right direction. Christian Ponder and D'Vontray Richardson could make an interesting tandem, if Jimbo decides to go that way, as Richardson runs more than Ponder, while Ponder is a pocket QB. However, this game was a pain, as we had two hours of lightning delays, and who knows what Ike will bring this weekend.
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