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Last weekend was busy, as Sara and my parents came to town for the Chattanooga game. It was much like the Western Carolina game, with nice offensive output (46-7), but Chattanooga actually got a touchdown. Also, we discovered kicking problems with more missed extra points and field goals. However, the weekend was fun aside from the game. Sara and I took Brooke and her friends clubbing, bad idea as her friends ditched us. Later, we took my parents out to watch the USC game on the Bullwinkle's big screen (as in mounted to the roof big), fun, but kind of awkward. Anyway, the parents brought me a new chest of drawers, which will be filled when I have time and energy to do laundry.

Speaking of energy, reading for my thesis puts me to sleep, literally. This is seriously slowing me down. Add to this the lack of professors available to bounce ideas off of and I have issues. Dr. Gray did approve my advertising history slant, but he thinks I should start writing and see what comes of it, not sure how I can do that without primary sources. :-/ I really need an adviser to actually advise, not just sign off and proofread. Anyway, I've been to the library bunches, not finding much. Have more books to return and another list to check out soon.

I've been doing thesis stuff in between football trip plans. Fell short on cash for a trip to Miami ;-( and logistics for the Colorado game in Jacksonville weren't done before kickoff Saturday. Well, they way we played, I can't justify $80 to see the team next weekend. It turns out that our quarterbacks fold when faced with an actual defense. They threw five interceptions, and the defense did damage control, only allowing four field goals (12-3), but when three of the INTs were in the last half of the fourth quarter, putting the game out of reach, it is disheartening. I honestly have no idea who will start in Jacksonville, and that's not good. I'd hoped we'd turned a corner by getting ranked again, but it turns out the patsies were just lucky choices this year.