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Weekly Update

Nothing like a little early morning humiliation to kick off one's weekly update. I just went to the store to get milk and candy only to discover upon reaching the checkout that I'd grabbed the wrong debit card holder, and thus had no way to pay. Oops, might go get that stuff later.

However, other than that, my week's been good. Went to see the screening of the final performance of RENT on Broadway at the theater on Wednesday. First time I'd ever seen the Broadway cast, but not the stage production. It was good, but I liked the tour production better, as there seemed to be chemistry issues between the actor and actress in my favorite plot line (Mimi and Roger). That could've been the filming though. There was a fabulous surprise at the end of screening though, as the original cast came out on stage. Unfortunately, my favorite member had given his ticket away to a kid who was second place in contest for the biggest RENT fan. I wonder if he was there anyway though, just not on stage.

Friday I got back from the library just in time to get the message that the College Dems were meeting to watch the debate and discuss Michelle Obama and Jill Biden's appearance in Tallahassee. However, watching the debate turned into an event as Internet feeds were a pain in the ass. Watching the debate in a College Dems meeting on a Fox News feed is weird. And as the debate was mostly economics my BS meter wasn't as engaged as it is on other issues, but I'd call it a draw. I will say though, that if this were a school debate where the whole package matters, not just the views presented, Obama won. Listening to McCain speak, even if I think his view makes sense, is painful.

Saturday started early and was long. My ride to the Obama/Biden event skipped out, so I had to get a cab, which when one is unemployed, is expensive. I got there and should've gone straight to where the stage was, but I was talking to fellow College Dems. As a result, I heard everything, but didn't see what Michelle and Jill were wearing until I saw the nightly news. There was a delay between the introduction, which weren't as long as previous events. Dr. Biden's speech was a nice intro, as she talked about the tour, the ticket, families, and education, plus how registering voters equates with homework. Michelle Obama's speech was a combination of her keynote speech from the Convention and continuing Jill Biden's themes, ending with a registration pep talk. They scored big points by acknowledging all the students in the audience, who were there despite football season. And while I skipped out on registering activities on Sunday, I'll be there today, and some for the rest of the week.

Oh, and while I don't have a job that pays well, I do have a job. I work for ChaCha.com answering people's questions. However, 10¢ an answer doesn't accumulate very quickly. I've put in about seven hours, and earned just over $10. I'll put in more time this week though.