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Miami Game and the ALDS

Damn I had a feeling about this year's Miami game. I was willing to use my paycheck and not eat for twenty-four hours to watch us beat the 'Canes. However, even that wasn't enough to make the trip feasible, damn Greyhound to Hell. An 11:00pm bus (there's one on Fridays, not Saturdays) on the weekend would've made the trip doable. The inclement weather that plagues that game resurfaced five years from the four quarters of rain that killed my cell phone. So, I watched it on TV while Rachel and Preston got soaked watching it live. Amazing game either way though. Most points ever scored in the rivalry, with us winning 41-39. Up 24-3 at half, we almost managed to give it away. A botched punt and INT inside the UM 5 gave them two scores that helped close the score to 34-32 with 8:30 left in the fourth. We got it to 41-34 before giving up a final score and running out the clock. Damn, you'd think these players have no fucking clue what this game is like, especially with it having conference implications now. Alas, nail biters against Miami are par for the course, going back to when the team were independents and national titles were at stake, not conference supremacy.

After the Miami game, I was in no mood for what ensued in Game 3 of the Red Sox-Angels series. Twelve innings of drama after Boston gave up a lead. I don't care if the lead was a fluke from a three-run single, it still should've stood up. However, the bullpen held until the 12th when the Angels scored and Boston couldn't match it. Considering that game could've clinched a sweep, it sucked. Game 4 resulted in Boston advancing, but not before the bullpen gave up another lead, and an Angels squeeze bunt failed to score the go ahead run. A bottom of the ninth hit and run and RBI single hasn't been this sweet in a long time. Beating the Angels after they took 8 of 9 during the regular season and had 100 wins was what it took to make me believe that the trophy might stay in Boston. First though, the Tampa Bay Rays must be beaten. *can't believe I just typed that* Has the baseball universe been flipped? Oh wait, the Cubbies are already out of the playoffs, maybe not... I'd love a Red Sox-Dodgers Series, two stadiums I've been to makes it more fun to watch.