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Brain Dump

I've finally decided what I intend to write of my thesis this semester. I'm doing African-Americans and mass media (print ads, commercials, newspaper...so far) and the Rebel mascots. I have the newspaper articles for two high schools, but need to search for two more soon. One I have a contact for, just need to call him, as the e-mail went no where. One, I get to play guess the paper, and the university that has it, as we don't have the Gainesville Sun. However, I've mostly been reading books to comprise my first chapter. Instead of doing NaNoWriMo, I have to write 40 pages in 30 days, starting Nov 5th hopefully.

As for my travels, went to Mobile the weekend of the 18th, needed to do laundry (5 loads) and research, ended up in Pensacola for that, but it got done. Fortunately Sara was on campus that day to make use of UWF facilities easier. I got a lot, but might need more, we'll see. The rest of the weekend was Dad and I stressing over the Boston/Tampa Bay series. I even stayed an extra day to watch that blasted Game 7. However, Game 5 was love. We had two televisions out, as the Noles played Thursday, part of why I was in town early. Boston was getting killed until the FSU game was over and ESPN said something to the effect of they'd show the Rays celebration when the game at Fenway ended. At which time I look over at TV #2, Boston's batting with two on, two out. A Pedroia single lets in the first run, then a Big Papi 3-run homer makes it a game. Three more runs in the eighth erase a 7-0 Tampa lead. And I'm watching all of this alone, on the same floor where parents are sleeping, not good logistics. A ground rule double wins the game for Boston in the 9th, and a win in Game 6 forces Tampa to the wall, but they won Game 7. Thus creating a World Series that I haven't watched other than through clips on SportsCenter. *gasp* First time in years, but I can't watch Tampa anymore.

Next trip is this weekend, going to Atlanta, to the FSU/GA Tech game. Bought tix as my birthday present for Bryan. And my one road game of the year. However, now he's having to get off work Saturday, and I have to get a costume for his party (any ideas?), so there are details yet to workout.

Finally, as the election is next Tuesday, I will be part of a "March to the Polls" tomorrow, led by TK Wetherell, University President. I haven't voted yet, but will vote then, as voting on election day isn't free, as I can walk to the courthouse, but not my precinct, WTF? Aside from that, a fellow apartment building resident noticed the buttons on my bag, and was happy to know he's not alone in supporting Obama, as our building is in a fairly Conservative area. So, yay for another supporter.