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Game 5

The Spurs have the ball with 11.5 seconds left in the game, they call a timeout. Presumably to design a play for Duncan or Parker, but the Lakers have a foul to give. The ball is inbounded and passed to Devin Brown who is fouled. The ball is then put back into play and Duncan makes an impossible shot from the top of the key over Shaq, leave 0.4 on the clock, just enough time to catch and shoot for the Lakers, but before this can occur we must take three timeouts to set the offense and defense. When the players are finally on the court, the ball ends up in Derek Fisher's hands. He makes a shot with the ball leaving his hands right before the buzzer sounds. Lakers win! The team runs off the court before the officials can review and the play stands. Nobody summed up that series of events better than Shaq, "One lucky shot deserves another."