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I know it's late but....Happy Birthday to Me! Today was great. No research, just shopping for magazines, there isn't a Time on campus, nor was it in the library. Mom is saving hers for me though. Rachel and Preston surprised me by going to dinner with me. They also brought me a balloon, flowers, and a card. Making me feel guilty over only belatedly giving Rachel vodka for her bday, but it was in a pinch, and I'm broke. I've gotten lots of Facebook love (Thanks Nicole!) and a package from Granny plus lots of phone calls. Making me feel much better. Been down from trying to figure my thesis out. So much to write and only a month left. However, I gave myself a day off, back to work tomorrow. Oh, and two of my favorite singers (Christina Aguilera and David Archuleta) released new CDs today, iTunes here I come!


Happy Birthday! Hope it was a good one!
It was, thanks.