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It just occurred to me that my trip to Atlanta got skipped in all the election excitement. Anyway... It was good, could've been better. I wish we hadn't had a heartbreaking loss. Fumbling the winning touchdown in the end zone is definitely not cool. However, despite that loss, the weekend was good. I managed to get a tavern lady outfit together while Bryan and Tina were dressed as vampires. It's totally weird to see Bryan with facial hair. I told him he should neaten it up, but I have a feeling that he'll either be Grizzly Adams or shave it all off. Tina asked me if I liked it during dinner on Sunday and I told her it was too weird for me to like or dislike. The party on Friday was all Tina's friends from work, none of Bryan's showed. I found out when I went to bed that night that Joe Biden was coming to Tally that Sunday. *tear*

Saturday was spent chilling waiting to find out who my escort to the game was gonna be, but Bryan got off early. That made me feel better, as if he'd missed the game I'd have felt compelled to come up with another gift, for which I didn't have much money. We tried to go to the Varsity for lunch, but it was slammed and we skipped it for dinner because of losing the game. We did go to Chili's instead of grabbing fast food. On the way there Bryan was telling me about his favorite coffee spot, which turned out to be Einstein's, which we have one campus. Dinner was good, but Bryan still hasn't figured out how to let a girl pay for dinner. I paid, but told him he could pay for breakfast to even things out. We just watch football after dinner.

Sunday was relaxing. Breakfast and then hanging out, which included watching cricket and a movie. However, the lack of real plans made me feel bad about skipping Bailey's play. Dinner that night was tacos unlike I've ever had, chicken club and Greek. The only downside was sharing dinner with Tina, as three people in a noisy restaurant means only two can really talk, so guess who just ate? :-/ Other than the awkwardness, it was a cool place. I left super early on Monday, got dropped at MARTA on Bryan's way to work. And then proceeded to exit the wrong side of the MARTA station and got semi-lost, but not too bad. Spent a long time in the bus station and then the usual ride home. The trip was exhausting, but fun.