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Four months, eighteen days. That was the stretch between seizures I had until today. However, working days does not agree with me. I should've left work early to get more sleep, as I took Valium at work, but no one at Bill's knows my situation. I didn't think I needed to despite having auras all afternoon. And then there was the having the seizure right as the national championship game was starting, not a good omen. Turned that off just as Gatorade was dumped on Urban Meyer, fuck the Gators. The announcers Tebow worship was at an all-time high and it was sickening. Add this to the fact that they all seems to be Captain Obvious and the game was as painful to listen to as it was to watch. Two blown goal line situations by Oklahoma changed the champion. However, Utah finishing undefeated may still mean the Gators share the title, if not the trophy. That's hollow though after the smackdown in Tally at Thanksgiving.