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UNC Time...Or So I Thought

At the beginning of the college basketball season there was discussion of a championship and maybe even a real shot at a perfect season for UNC. I knew better than to believe that perfection would happen, but didn't think that we'd be 0-2 in conference play. Not a good way to start in a conference where two losses is often one too many. I didn't see this year's BC game, but the second game last year taught me enough about Tyrese Rice that I'm not surprised he beat us this time. As for Wake, well, being beaten by the #4 team in the nation doesn't surprise me either, but that game wasn't nearly as close as the final score from where I sat. Perimeter defense is lacking (hoping Ginyard is better soon), as is consistent perimeter shooting from someone other than Green. That's the worst game I've seen from Lawson in a while, and Hansbrough too. And to whichever announcer said they didn't think missed free throws we hurting Carolina, I call bullshit. I just hope we get back on track before my upset-hungry alma mater gets lucky in a couple of weeks, especially as they didn't beat Duke last weekend.


At least you didn't get beaten by Morgan State. :(
True, but I'd rather have an OOC loss than an ACC loss.