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I woke up early today to watch the Inauguration. Was amused by the fact that not staying on time made the Presidential Oath a formality, and a funny one at that. It's been a while since I actually read the details of any amendments, and thus had forgotten about the noon caveat. However, that was nothing when Chief Justice Roberts forgot the words to the Oath. Note to the Chief Justice, cheat sheets exist for a reason. As for the Inaugural Address, I'd read Lincoln's Address from 1861 the night before, often quoted in history classes, and it's very streamlined. Obama seemed to want to address everything, his agenda and the historical significance, which led to an overly-full speech. However, I love listening to him speak regardless of the topic. On other points, I saw the Marching 100 of Florida A&M in the Inaugural Parade, and the local news stated that the Tallahassee Boys Choir was to sing at a ball, but I didn't see them. These groups performed for President and Michelle Obama respectively on their trips here. Yay for Tallahassee recognition. As for the burning question of the Inaugural Balls, what would the First Lady wear? I wasn't overly impressed. The florets looked nice on the skirt of the gown, but not so much on the top. And the mini train on the dress made all those dances fun I'm sure. Not that ten dances to the same song is fun anyway, but whatever. Anyway, signing out now, more thoughts later.