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As I sat down last night to watch Game 6, I had major butterflies in my stomach. They didn't leave until the fourth quarter, As a result I paced my living room and then my den as the Lakers and Spurs were tied at thirty-nine at half and close until about five minutes left in the game. After the end of Game 5, I didn't need more stress, plus I was watching the game alone, which made things worse. I was so happy to see Kobe score twenty-six points including the dunk in the closing minutes that led to the "Kobe, Kobe!" The final was not indicative of the game, as the Lakers won 88-76. And the Game 5 t-shirts are awesome, I'd love to order one.
Go Lakers, beat the TWolves or Kings.

I know many people will never understand why these games mean so much to me, but when legal troubles strike my favorite athletes, I panic. And thanks to the Eagle County court, this case won't end soon. So you'll have to bear with me as I pour out my feelings about a man I believe to be not guilty.