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Is anyone out there? (Edited)

I've failed at getting a job and had my power shut off in the last week. Oh, and I'm semi-sweating because I accidentally wore long sleeves and it's 69ºF. The failing to get a job hurt because I was attempting to ref intramural basketball, and earning the respect of males is high on my list of life priorities. Anyway, next shot (no pun intended) is softball if my applications for clerical jobs don't pan out. As for the power, Mom and I got our wires crossed on which bills we'd discussed, so she's paying the phone bill I'd intended to pay while I paid to restore power.

As for why I'm awake and productive before noon, tomorrow is my only chance to see UNC live. The ticket office opened early and the line was longer than I expected (damn e-mails to give info to casual fans). As for the weather, if this continues, I'll be wearing gray in the student section tomorrow instead of Carolina Blue, as that is the color of my only t-shirt, problem... After procuring my ticket, I treated myself to a java chip frappacino and headed for the library. The American Indian chapters of my thesis are due, so I was looking at advertising and mascots. It somehow feels wrong, but I'll have to use the J.B. Duke trading cards in the Library of Congress to complete the advertising chapter. Also, I found a dissertation on a North Carolina high school to flesh out the mascot chapter. Not much in the way of secondary literature though and a trip to FAMU will be required to get a book, not sure when though.

Random thoughts, I made teriyaki sauce the other night, 'twas yummy, but I burnt the hell out of my tongue while tasting. While watching the Inauguration I heard a hymn I haven't sung since Children's Choir, Simple Gifts, only the melody of the first two verses though, I noticed. Also, I neglected to comment in my first entry on the kids, whose J. Crew coats I envy, especially Malia's royal blue one. They are the cutest First Kids in forty years. And shame on TY, the Beanie Babies company, for taking advantage of them. Also, props to the Bush twins for the letter they left, great advice. And the scavenger hunt in the White House, during the Inaugural Balls, that ended with the Jonas Bros. in the East Room? Totally awesome!


I missed that about the scavenger hunt, that is very cool.

Sorry to hear about your job frustration. Financial problems suck so hard. :(
It's not so much financial issues as a need to balance my life. I focus my schedule better when I have a job.