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Sports Mishmash

Last night's UNC-Duke was fabulous...after the Heels rediscovered the key to defense. An eleven point lead early in the first half vanished mid-half due to a lack of defense and poor shooting. A 52-44 halftime deficit to a team that averages 83 points wasn't cool. However, after swapping leads in the low sixties, the Heels finally got the lead for good, and then put up 100 points on Duke for the first time in a while, 1995 I think. More importantly though, Tyler Hansbrough and Danny Green are the first players to beat Duke four times in Cameron since Tim Duncan and Rusty LaRue completed their years in 1997. However, despite this success, I'm still not sure of a number one seed, let alone a championship.

As for basketball of the professional kind, the Lakers finished a six game road trip with wins over the Celtics and the Cavaliers, the first of which was in overtime. The game was extremely close for one half before the Celtics opened up a lead that the Lakers didn't close until Kevin Garnett fouled out. Thus allowing the Lakers to win the game and a potential home court tie-break. However, the second win was equally stressful as being down ten at half is never good when the other perpetual MVP candidate, LeBron James, is the opposing team's best player. This wasn't the Kobe and LeBron show though, as neither scored twenty points. The Lakers proved that they can win as a team, which makes them very dangerous to the entire league. This game also secured a tie-break, which looms large after the home court wins last year.

On to legal matters, Michael Phelps hasn't been arrested yet for the infamous bong photo, but Richland County authorities haven't given up yet. They arrested eight others on possession charges, but apparently much of their questioning pertained to Phelps. Witch hunt much? However, that's nothing compared to the news generated when Alex Rodriguez confessed to steroid use, from 2001-2003 while he was with Texas. That's a day I never thought I'd see and am hoping that his confession and his continued career may some day get him into Cooperstown. I'm just sad that if he breaks the home run records, they won't be legit.