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David Cook Live

Oh my god, that concert was fabulous. That concert was the first concert on David Cook's college tour, in my student union! And student tickets were free. There were definitely some glitches, longest song check ever between the opening act and David's act. Also, a false start to one of David's songs, but over all it was great. The opening act was solid, five songs and in the same genre as David Cook, will have to look Ryan Star up. The crowd was so enthusiastic that he seemed honestly surprised for the first couple of songs, especially when we'd start singing or clapping without a cue. The crowd was so nuts that I could barely get a picture, so many hands in the air. I don't know that he played everything, but it was damn close. Started with "Heroes" and ended with "Daily Anthem", almost started crying during "Permanent", with good reason. As for the joys of live concerts, someone got him to shout a phrase containing "fucking", the rest of which I couldn't make out, too bad. More fun was had when stopped "Life on the Moon" to ask his guitarist about pixie stix, which I think someone was throwing at him. And finally he asked how many girls, guys, guys dragged by girls, and guys dragged by girls that were having fun anyway. Considering that it's been a month since I listened to the album, I was surprised how much he remembered. A college tour was dissed originally, but I think after tonight David realized it will work. Way to go Tallahassee!