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Ugh, finding a job is going nowhere quick. Went to the Softball IM officials training info session only to find out that one has to drive to get to the IM softball fields...problem. Add to this the rejection letter I got on Thursday and I'm wishing I didn't need money. May need to go back to ChaCha. Answering questions for people for 10¢ a question seems to be my only job option at the moment. On the up side, I got my last check from Bill's, after payroll messed up twice. I got two checks at the old minimum wage, which was raised 42¢ on Jan 1. Also, when I went to get my check, I bought my Girl Scout cookies from the adorable Brownies out front. Frozen Thin Mints are God's gift to cookies. Samoas and Tagalongs were purchased as well. Got my package from Granny for Valentine's. It's bad when your Whitman's Sampler comes from your grandmother, with a broken cherry cordial that made a mess in the box as well. Such is life without a boy though, and I did treat myself to dinner at Chili's on Saturday. Plus the concert still has me flying high. You tube videos and mp3s tracks from a Tally concert...never happens. Launching a tour in Tally...never happens. Oh, and to set the record straight. There were two different songs during the set than what's on the album, the Wal-Mart extra track, "Breathe Tonight" and an Alice in Chains cover called "Man in the Box" that I semi-missed while Rachel was texting me semi-mad that I didn't ask her to go to the concert. Sorry for the rambling, but my sleep is horridly messed up, as usual. Spent more time sleeping on my couch than in my bed of late. Will do a separate sports update later. It got better tonight after being good last night.


Gahhh. Girl Scout cookies... Samoas... Dude, I'm so pissed off. My mom bought me a box of the samoas from a friends daughter and she ate the WHOLE box before she saw me! Ugh! And usually there are girl scouts at the grocery store near my house on weekends selling cookies, but have I seen them this year: no.


And I can't believe it's 1:00am, I'm sick and yet I'm wide awake ranting about girl scout cookies.
My local council just delivered to troops this weekend, maybe more booth sales will happen in your area. As for Samoas, opened my box tonight, and damn I wish Keebler could clone them like they did with Thin Mints/Grasshoppers.