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Meeting with Dr. Gray wasn't a good idea. He shot down several of my ideas and wanted me to essential scrap one of my chapters. That's not gonna happen. My American Indian advertising chapter isn't coming together well, as there are virtually no commercials or advertisements with actual people, just stereotyped drawings. This chapter's gonna have a nice section about how Natives are excluded from advertising. I did go today and meet with Dr. Grant, who told me not to even attempt to apply for community college jobs until closer to Fall. This means I need to find a job here before May, when my lease must be renewed. Aside from this, Spring Break starts Friday and I have no plans. Need to find out if I can go to Mobile, just to get away, not do laundry non-stop. I'm now seeing that Mardi Gras was fun, but poor planning on my part. Totally forgot about Spring Break being two weeks from the Friday I went to Mobile.