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Sports and Movies

It's happened again. Pitt beat UConn to free up #1 to be grabbed by Carolina if they can beat Duke this afternoon. And while ESPN was salivating over the UNC/Duke game in Durham, they've barely covered this game. However, asking Jay Williams who he thought wasn't being given enough of a chance to win their game this weekend was amusing. As hard as he tries to be objective, he still bleeds Duke blue. He did manage to not say "we" though, and the other commentators noticed it.

And on a history note, I watched Pearl Harbor for the first time in years. Too many years as a historian means I can't just watch stuff that I know the history of without picking it apart. Watching the planning sessions leading up to the attack is more painful than the actual attack because I just want to be like "Listen to the cryptographer!" Whether the actual cryptographer matched the broken code with the Japanese success at Taranto no one will ever know, but if they had that attack probably wouldn't have happened. Too shallow, my ass. Anyway, somehow my feelings about the rest of the movie have changed. I'm perfectly okay with the ending of the love story now, but would love to know how many of those people actually existed.