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Finally back on top. That's where the Heels find themselves after sweeping Duke in the wake of UConn's loss. However, Lawson may not be healthy for the ACC tournament, so a #1 seed may be on the strength of the regular season. Oh, and if Bracketology is right, I'll be pissed. ESPN has UNC and Oklahoma in the same region. WTF? I'd rather any of the other predicted #2 seeds than Oklahoma. The Big East tourney could change things though, as the conference is right now slated to get three one seeds. I don't remember the last time that happened, and honestly don't see it as likely. As for the ACC tourney, I should've attempted to get tix. Especially since I haven't gotten nearly as much accomplished this week as I'd planned when I stayed in town. It would've been fun to see how far FSU could've gotten, as if they actually win a game, I'll be shocked. They're good, but road/neutral site wins decidedly aren't their forte. However, as I still have no job, I'm too broke to go out of town again until I go to Augusta for Masters/bridesmaid dress fitting. Anyway, more thesis update later.