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Oy vey! Winning basketball games without the starting point guard is never easy. UNC discovered this today. They beat Va Tech 79-76, but they trailed much of the first half and never got any kind of decent lead. Lots of made free throws were needed as the 3-pointers weren't falling. Having Va Tech's best player in foul trouble helped as well. However, a win is a win. As for the next round, I'm not sure if I want to sit through FSU/UNC take two, it's way stressful. Fortunately it's Spring Break, so campus is deserted, so there won't be mass chaos unless the Noles win the title. Mixed feelings suck.

As for the rest of the conference tournaments, March has already been maddening. Kansas and Oklahoma are out of the Big 12 tourney and Pitt and UConn are out in the Big East. And six overtimes are enough to necessitate padded walls for anyone. That's how long the Syracuse/UConn game took last night. 71-71 at the end of regulation ended in a 127-117 win for Syracuse. And they never led until the sixth overtime. I didn't start watching the game until 10:30 when the Lakers game ended and didn't finish watching it until 1:20am. I hope they have meetings instead of practice before their game tonight. Not sure anything can top that madness, but seven overtimes have happened...