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Bracket Media Fail

It's again. So many brackets, so many ways to fill them out, and worthless "expert" commentary to guide me. I love the ESPN commentators, but when they all give virtually the same Elite 8 and Final 4 and Champion that helps not at all. Especially when their prediction is what I so badly want to happen. The Sports Illustrated commentary has given me more insight though. Picking upsets is always difficult for me, so that's the advice I want. Unfortunately, my gut says that three ACC teams might be victims of first round upsets (BC, Clemson, FSU), while one may be a perpetrator (Maryland). And as objectivity has never been my strong suit, I need decent analysis to guide me. Also, if half of the discussion weren't about who was left out, that would help too. Anyway, I have two days to try to figure out a decent bracket. *crosses fingers*