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Sorry Heather and Lessons Learned on MTV

I should be at the library knee-deep in microfilm, but instead, I need to be an unhappy fan girl, of sorts. After last week's American Idol, which yielded one of the most sacrilegious/best/strangest/most talked about performances ever from Country week (which I normally detest), why did we need a Presidential press conference instead of Idol? I love Obama's speeches and interviews, but there is a time and place for everything, and during Idol isn't it. However, now that I think about it, during March Madness isn't either. :x I actually watched and learned at little about the current budget proposal. However, I'd rather learn that when I'm not in fan girl mode. I want to know how Adam Lambert intends to follow up his aforementioned performance of "Ring of Fire", which I loved and it's apparently getting country station air play, color me amused. "Ring of Fire" Middle Eastern-style was something I never thought I'd hear, but it worked enough for a week's worth of buzz and a magazine cover, and for Simon to announce him as a favorite on Leno after calling it "indulgent rubbish" in the post-performance comments. Idol hypocrisy at its best. Can't wait to see what Motown week brings.

As for less fan girl more totally intrigued, I stumbled on to T.I.'s Road to Redemption on MTV a few weeks back and courtesy of their linked episodes, have viewed the entire seven weeks. The Court TV junkie in me was intrigued by a major music star facing federal prison time with the chance to lessen his sentence with 1000 hours of community service in a year. No, he didn't get the whole 1000 hours done via a TV show, but he did try to help seven teens in addition to his visits to community centers across the country. And in the process you see not a showman, but a guy who genuinely wants these kids to avoid the mistakes he made. He involved his family and his own story in trying to help these teens. Most of them learned something and have stayed off the streets/gone back to work or school. However, the show doesn't say when each episode was filmed short of events that are time sensitive (GA Tech football game and the Inauguration), so it'll be interesting to see if they do a follow-up much later. Anyway, it's now three days until sentencing and I feel like I used to feel waiting on verdicts, hoping that T.I. only actually gets the one year and one day that has been posited.