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Ear Pain

My ears have had a rough couple of days. Yesterday, I went to put earrings in my top holes to discover that my right hole had begun to close. This necessitated poking through the scab/thin layer of skin with my straightest french hook. Ice made it doable without any blood though. Went to Vic, my student union jeweler to clean a pair of studs and buy a new pair to put in my holes. However, I left my old pair in overnight. Mistaaake. I woke up to the star charm on my stud gone, not sure where, could've fallen of anywhere as it's not the first pair this has happened to, also the stud was starting to push through my hole. Ouch. Took it out and chilled for a few hours while it rained (no library). Then I put in the earring I bought only to have to find my third one of that earring because one of the new ones was bent. Also, my favorite back done fit these earrings well, boo. I just hope they stay in as they are the closest to Tarheel earring I can afford right now. Glad to have my good luck charms back though.