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NCAA Tourney

I can't believe the Final Four's almost here and I haven't written one word about the tournament. The ACC didn't do well on the whole, including an FSU 1st round exist, which surprised me not in the least. Nor did Clemson's loss, but BC's did a bit. Maryland's win was nice though. However, Wake Forest's loss did, as they were the only 1-4 seed not to advance. UNC did just fine even without Lawson against Radford and even better with him against LSU, Gonzaga, and Oklahoma. A friend of mine is an FSU grad and an Oklahoma native, so we've been trading shit. Finally decided before the OU game I'd had enough. Hence the wanting to watch the game in peace message on my Facebook. My Final Four is fucked, but not in the way I expected, Villanova delivered while Memphis folded like a cheap tent. And Louisville fucked brackets from coast to coast I'm sure. I just hope that a healthy and driven Lawson is enough to lead UNC to the title game. Unfortunely, I think Hansbrough may have to win the title, as I think it goes through Thabeet and UConn. Now my only problem is the FSU Spring Game aka the Garnet and Gold Game is at 7pm and the UNC game tips at 8:45pm, supposedly. However, I'm feeling the pull of one last trip into the Doak. Decisions, decisions.


I'd like to see them beat UConn, but I'm not sure Suton's a good enough defender to handle Thabeet. However, another UNC victory over MSU in Ford Field would be fun. ;-)