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I should be sleeping, as usual, but no, I just finished watching the last episode of "T.I.'s Road to Redemption." His community service via television seems to have worked for the most part. One kid is in some legal trouble, but most have gone back to school/gotten their GED and straightened out their life. And the judge and DA commended the results of the community service. As an added bonus, one kid's PO wrote a letter praising T.I. The show overall was a good idea, and not the waste of time I thought when I watched that first episode.

As for the main show I'm addicted to, American Idol, it consumes my night, especially when SVU is a rerun (two weeks of reruns is not cool, BTW). I've been sucked into voting hardcore for two contestants, one of whom could definitely win. While Anoop Desai got my vote for his silky vocals and his school of choice (see avatar), Adam Lambert has made everyone pay attention, good, bad or indifferent. His stage presence is magnetic and his voice is fabulous. Slow, fast, clean cut or full glam, it all works for him. As a result of his performances, my Easter money from my grandmother is going towards an iTunes card. He's good enough that my conscience has kicked in about my downloads, which is saying something. Fortunately for my wallet, my computer hates iTunes video. Unfortunately, that tries my patience as I wait for studio versions to appear, while video is instant gratification.