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Masters in Augusta

Bryan called yesterday and I realized that I hadn't updated since I got back from Augusta. It was my first Masters week in Augusta since my parents moved. And honestly, it was kind of surreal to go to the tournament at a time that wasn't Sunday afternoon. Saturday has a totally different feel because there isn't the do or die of Sunday at the Masters. Anyway, this meant that instead of going to thirteen and sixteen to watch for a while before heading to eighteen to watch the final pairings come through, we started there with a visit to Larry, and discussed how he'd been on tv that week, which normally doesn't happen. As we were on eighteen, I noticed that Tiger Woods was about to tee off, so we followed him through two, four, and six (have to stay ahead of his ginormous gallery) and then got lunch. We then headed to the rail at thirteen where you could see the entire hole, including the green at twelve. We watched until Tiger came through and headed to sixteen green. I'm not used to standing at sixteen, as we usually have chairs, but anyway. We watch Tiger play fifteen and sixteen and then waited until Phil Mickelson came through. After he bogeyed sixteen, I decided we should leave. It'd been a full day and I was red. While Daddy called for our ride I went back in the golf shop to discover that I'm not sure who they cut t-shirts for, but it wasn't decently-endowed females. The golf shirts are $60, so I passed, but I got a key chain that will look nice with the UNC one I'm buying soon.

As for the rest of the trip, saw the entire fam, as Em and Mom showed up Friday night after we arrived on Thursday, as Daddy went to the course with Patrick on Friday. While the guys were at the tournament, Greer and Katherine went shopping, or rather browsing. Couldn't find any Vera I couldn't live without, but did get to see the china on the registry, 'tis very nice, Spode Woodlands. However, after that we just chilled, as the mall and other shopping would've been over run by tourists. I did give Em her birthday gift that night, she was pleased by the journal and the toe rings, but she got a really cool tiny laptop from my parents. Her dinner was Saturday night though. Saturday morning though was spent in a bridal salon. Greer showed off her dress, very sparkly, not a super long train and her mom picked a dress. The bridesmaids only had to be measured, as our dress wasn't in the shop, and I didn't try on the tea length version (can you tell I'm not a dress gal?). The bachelorette was discussed briefly and the fact that we need a shoe decision. We also finally have a picture with all the bridesmaids and the bride-to-be, which I'm half hidden in, oops.

We were supposed to leave Sunday, but Daddy decided he'd rather watch the Masters coverage in Augusta than drive on Masters Sunday, which also happened to be Easter, for the third time in my lifetime. Skipping out on Grandmom to watch golf in peace was awesome. Especially when Tiger and Phil were paired together and both shot low enough rounds to be within one stroke of the lead at various times before ending up four and three strokes back of the playoff, respectively. However late bogeys quashed their good rounds, including Phil's 6-under front nine. Angel Cabrera won the tournament on the second playoff hole, but the talk the next day was about Tiger and Phil's mistakes, not the champion. Anyway, while we were watching this, Patrick and Greer came back from the tournament, leaving me irritated that I could've gone out on Sunday, even if only for two hours, if they hadn't changed their plans.

Daddy and I left early Monday morning and it took seven hours to get to Tallahassee, as it rained the entire way. And then he had to way to leave due to car trouble from bad gas, which a fresh tank resolved, and a tornado warning. Gotta love Tally weather, not! I'm just glad another bus ride wasn't necessary, as a bus ride to Mobile started my journey and Greyhound and I aren't friends. Thank goodness for iPods and American Idol downloads. Anyway, that was the trip, didn't mean to write a novel though, sorry.


Sounds like the weather didn't cooperate with you. Lousy weather and tornadoes which I hate. I love my iPod.
It never does, such is the trade off for living in Florida (Sunshine State???). I bought an iTunes card today so that I can legitimize at least some of my AI findings on my iPod.