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Patience Gone Poof!

I knew when the Braves season started that we might not win the division. However, I never thought it would get as bad as it has. On Sunday, we lost to Milwaukee after Ben Sheets struck out eighteen Braves. Then, on Tuesday, we became the laughingstock of the league as Randy Johnson pitched a perfect game against us. The Braves are four games under .500, in fourth place in our division, and four games out of first. While that may not seem so bad, I'm stressed. Management needs to start thinking about trade possibilities, especially with Giles out for six to eight weeks. I'd like to get a left fielder and put Chipper back at third, where he seemed more comfortable. And lastly, everyone needs to get and stay healthy, pronto!


i definitely veto the chipper back to third idea, and... im not bein rude i swear but you said earlier that you hadn't watched but maybe.. a couple games. are you goin just by stats an stuff? so far, we suck, yes but.. its just a slower start than normal and mega injuries. furcal, marcus, chipper, jd, they've all been out for a significant amount of games, once we get everybody back, i dunno i just think this happens every year and everybody jumps to the same conclusions you have. theres a chance we wont win the division, but theres that chance every year.
No, I've watched quite a few games and am aware of the injuries, past and present. We just always start slow and it's aggravating to someone who hates watching her teams lose. I just hope that June's arrival brings health and better batting to the ATL.

chill pill

I hereby deliver an official chill pill prescription for your Braves loss anxieties. Take as needed to ease the effects on your mind and body as a result of the Braves playing shitty this season. If problem persists during playoffs, consult a doctor for further instructions.

Yo, longtime, no chat.
Hope all is well in Disgusta.
Chill pill taken. And all is well, lil sis is graduating tomorrow. Saw Kalli's latest entry, was going to write an apology entry. Did she break up w/JRo? And how are things w/JG? Decided about living w/the evil twin yet? :-) I leave for NC next Thursday, will call before then.