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American Idol and the thesis

I really should be sleeping, but my mind is running a mile a minute after Idol tonight. After last week's drama I wanted a kick ass performance from Adam that would leave no doubt about the rightful order of things. And boy did he deliver! First time a Led Zeppelin song's ever been cleared for performance and it was "Whole Lotta Love", which was in Paula's words a whole lotta perfect and Kara called him a Rock God. I concur. He was hot and the vocal was perfect, and the lack of glory notes should please those that hate his outrageous range. However, I now realize why they've never had him open the show, it's because no one can touch him. However, courtesy of the newly-added contestant duets (because they can't do eight songs in an hour after the Mad World fiasco), he also closed the show doing "Slow Ride" with Allison, which was awesome and adorable. They really enjoyed themselves and shared an amazing hug at the end. When Simon told Adam that performance might've saved Allison, he said he hoped so because she's like his little sister. Awww! I hope so too, as they are who I want to hear duet again on finale night. Unfortunately, it also reminded me how badly I wish I could go to the tour, but the total of southern dates is about five, and the Atlanta one is right when I'll be moving out, maybe.

As for the never ending thesis, I turned in one chapter, but still have another to finish before I go to Mobile for Mother's Day and Mom's birthday, which are the same day this year. I had to scramble for information for my last chapter because playing needle in a haystack with magazine ads got old and the dissertation I requested never showed. I now have a plan though, as I found several ads online for a now-defunct railway mentioned in one of my source books. That plus the Calumet section and a section on why American Indians are ignored in advertising should be enough for 15-20 pages. So yay for my chapter regaining some structure. Should've done this chapter first, as I knew it would be hard, but oh well. Still have introduction and conclusion to write before I can defend. However, the end is in sight.


I totally understand why Adam should never, ever open the show- as Simon said, "who's going to top that?" I mean...I've run out of words to describe his performance.

Wow, that's quite a lot of research! What is the specific topic of your thesis?
My thesis is on American Indian and Rebel mascots as well as African-American and American Indian advertising and how acceptance of these groups is represented in these topics.
Wow that sounds really cool! I'm interested in this already and I don't even study American history.
I don't either normally, if I ever get a PhD, it'll be in modern Europe, but my college mascot is the Seminoles, so I've followed the story for a while. Then I found an article comparing the Ole Miss Rebels and FSU and the light bulb went on. Connecting advertising and mascots hasn't been easy though.