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I still have three section of my last thesis chapter to finish, but I can't summon the energy to write. Not to mention that I'm a little nervous about taking my laptop across campus again after my fall. However, I can't focus here. It's too hot and anything that's not Native American advertising is more compelling. Add to this my lack of a deadline or enough source material to not have to stretch it an impossible amount and I'm not sure how I'll finish by tomorrow, my self-imposed deadline. I need to reread articles and scrounge together at least two and a half pages on why Native Americans are overlooked in advertising. Argh.

Also, I thought going to Mobile and New Orleans this past weekend would help, but being around my parents only made things worse. They don't understand my difficulties with this chapter. And not having any gift ideas for Mom's birthday/Mother's Day made things worse. She ended up just getting a birthday cake, a rum cake made from scratch. And I got Daddy to make pina colodas, so we all won. Her birthday dinner was homemade barbecue, which was fabulous. As for why New Orleans in such a short trip? That's because Katherine and Patrick were in town and Patrick had a meeting at the University of New Orleans, where he's been accepted into grad school. He wanted to talk to the professors, figure out some logistics before deciding whether to go. He seemed thrilled, but whether Greer will agree is anyone's guess. Anyway, this meant window shopping in the French Quarter and lunch in the Garden District at a "Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives" spot with fabulous roast beef po'boys. Later we got ice cream at another place from the show, which was equally yummy (lavender honey was fab). Then we drove Patrick to the airport before heading back to Mobile. And I decided that night that spending eight hours on a bus on Tuesday was worth it to get to watch Idol in peace. More on that to follow.