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American Idol

Ok, so, American Idol? Yeah, I'm head-over-heels involved in Adam Lambert fandom. Honestly didn't know how deep until last week when I woke up late and freaked out because I missed his interview with his hometown Fox affiliate. I then listened to his radio interviews before enduring the confusion of the two song texts from Simon. Damn you Simon for not getting clearance for "One" until Saturday. Spent the entire weekend home thinking Idol and filled my Dad in on his Father's Day gift, Adam's studio versions from iTunes, which I know my dad would love, but is too cheap to buy. Then got irritated when I couldn't find the Entertainment Weekly with Adam on the cover, even though I've seen the scans of the article. Currently bidding on it on EBay. As for this week's results, I'm happy with an Adam and Kris finale, it'll be special regardless of the victor. And while I wasn't enamored of Kris as an artist prior to this week, his studio versions of "Apologize" and "Heartless" were good. As for Adam, taking on U2 and Aerosmith in one week is dangerous, unless you're him. I didn't love either performance, but that was due to an unnecessary high note in "One" and a technical glitch in "Cryin'", as the studio versions were fabulous. I can't wait to see what we get for the finale.

Adam getting love from Katy Perry during her performance was priceless. Nothing says who you are supporting better than their name embroidered on your cape when your performance begins.

Also, the cute factor of an Adam/Kris finale went through the roof when they were seen comparing nails. Adam had painted Kris's right thumbnail and stripped the polish from his own. So freakin' cute.


I love that pic. And I am excited for Tuesday.
Which one? Kradam nails?
Yes, I even got the explanation from another friend on what happened and why it was done. I miss so much.
Yeah, the explanation has been posted all over. So sweet!