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My thesis is becoming a pain in the ass. I finally figured out a way to write my final section of the body of my chapter. I found four Sioux/Sue Bee Honey ads plus an article. However, only two of those ads are available in Tallahassee. Two of them I'll have to write the dissertation author and ask her if she can tell me where she got them, or if she can send me scans. Add to this the fact that the library actually closed for a holiday (they are open on my birthday and MLK), and I've gotten nothing done in a while. I did get the subbasement holdings I need and information that one of the requests is in the stacks. *headdesk* Anyway, at this point, I'm just ready to be done with this chapter. However, my need to rejoin Friends of the Library to avoid more fines and regain database access is also a snag. As is the fact that motivation is seriously lacking.

As for my being a horrid sports blogger of late, it's not June 1st, so baseball doesn't matter yet (the season's too damn long). And the Lakers are trying their damnedest to not get to the Finals. They beat the Jazz in five, but then went the full seven with the Rockets. They are now up 2-1 on the Nuggets, but all three games were anyone's to win, and while I know that's how most of the world enjoys basketball, there is a reason I enjoy blowouts. However, I've gotten a little solace from the fact that the Cavaliers who ripped through the first two rounds without a loss are now down 2-1 and were it not for a damn good shot by LeBron, they'd be facing elimination tomorrow. He hit a three at the buzzer to win Game 2 after I'd called Daddy to tell him that the Cavaliers had essentially lost. So, anyway, Lakers Game 4 tonight, here's hoping for smoother sailing.

As for American Idol, well let's just say that I'm not quite ready for a full post-mortem yet. However, hearing Adam Lambert's version of the winner's single on the radio this morning helped immensely.


I really need to skip over the parts of your entries that deal with your thesis. It just turns my excitement over grad school into anxiety.
I'm sorry. It's really not that bad if you have an understanding prof. Plus you have lots of classes/colloqs/seminars before you even have to think about a thesis. Plus, you can always bounce grad school bitching off me.
Plus, you can always bounce grad school bitching off me.
You may regret saying that, come August =)
I wouldn't have said it if I didn't mean it. ;-)