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American Idol Concluding Thoughts

Ok, I've spent a week thinking about this entry and am still not sure what I want to say. It was going to start with "OMFG" as that's what I was feeling in the wake of Seacrest's announcement of the American Idol 2009. And it was going to be a rant about the stupidity of America, but I took that out on my mother instead when she wouldn't let me talk to Daddy. I warned her I was pissed and that I felt weird taking out my feelings about Christians on my one Christian parent, but she was being stubborn. Didn't get talk to Daddy until the next day, when he called the results an abortion, and the emotional release that I knew would come regardless of the results hit me sooner and harder than it normal does after my team loses. An hour of tears later, I was fit to express my feelings to a mixed audience, sort of. I don't think I typed more than one answer that was more than one sentence all night.

However, seeing Adam's interviews over the course of that night and the next morning put some things in perspective, even if they did initially piss me off. He said that getting to the finale was all he wanted. The chances to do the most performances possible meant more than the title. While this should've made me feel better, it irritated me because his iPhone Confessionals said something different. Plus, had I known that, I've tried to set up the finale I wanted, not the finale we got. As amazing as the finale was from KISS to Queen to getting massive camera time and even the first solo in one of the group numbers, it almost made the results harder to take. The night had been so perfect and then the wrong person got to sing last. I didn't turn the tv off until the telecast ended, but I remember not much of it after the announcement. I cursed and then immediately thought of all the reasons why the vote happened that had zilch to do with music. From religion to sexuality to getting even with Simon and Danny Gokey votes, I think it all played a part in addition to glory notes vs. guitars.

Also, Kara may have sealed Adam's fate, twice. How could she have done it twice you ask? Well, first there's that coronation song that she thanked Adam for singing while not doing the same to Kris, even going so far as to say she hoped Kris was judged on his entire season, not that song. Also, Top 3 week when she and Randy chose "Apologize" for Kris. OneRepublic posted on their Twitter that Adam told them that night that he'd requested to sing "Come Home" that night. However, the judges' pick superseded his personal choice. That song might not have changed everything, but it would've shown a side of Adam that those who don't surf You Tube obsessively wouldn't have known about as well as presented a more current song than anything he'd done all season. Despite all this, Kara's okay by me. Upstaging Bikini Girl during the finale was priceless. And I like that she seemed to balance out Paula. I thought it was interesting that Adam felt the need to defend her on Larry King Live. She's taken a beating all season, and many want her gone, except the contestants and judges. Hmmm.

As for how the results of this season will play out, I'm not stressing, but I do wonder how Kris will do. The last thing Idol needs is another Taylor/Daughtry situation, but I think that's where we might be headed. Adam has rumors floating around about him singing with Queen in addition to putting out his solo album, while Kris will do well to break into a crowded singer/songwriter market which may or may not have room for another. The one thing of which I'm certain in this whole mess is that I'll decide in January whether I can do this again. Making decision while wounds are still fresh is never a smart move, despite my father asking me if I'd watch again.

If you're still reading, thank you and I'm sorry. I just needed to get that out. It was the longest, most stressful season of Idol ever, but also the best.