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Non-Threatening Thesis Update

So, the thesis chapter from Hell is done and now I have to write an introduction, conclusion, abstract and acknowledgements. Of course, when I ask Dr. Gray for advice, he tells me to read other theses instead of saying these are the parts and here is the length. This led to searching through recent History department theses looking for classmates whom I didn't think would mind if I contacted them with questions. I found two completely opposite ones without trying. One was way long and had a chapter outline to die for while the other was very brief with a good historiography section. This gives me an idea of what I'm supposed to do. However, there was one catch. The library computers have MS Word 2007, on which I cannot figure out how to create an outline. That's tonight's plan, as I'll need something to focus on before I write this time.


I hate writing and writing classes. I hope you get what you need and a good grade. At least part of it is done. :)