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Thesis Drama

I think I jinxed myself with my happy thesis update. Friday the shit hit the fan, to put it mildly. I am now not graduating until Fall. I thought I had a committee in place, but I learned I didn't after I did as Dr. Gray suggested and sent my chapters to the committee members I thought I had. Turns out only Dr. Gray had signed my Program of Study. McMahon returned it unsigned after we exchanged e-mails and the advisers never talked to Creswell. Fortunately, Creswell was understanding when we met today. I told him that Gray never explained committee procedure to me that I'd relied on Anne and Chris for that. He explained procedure and I set in motion the graduating in Fall e-mails, such as canceling Summer graduation. Now I need to find a lease for Fall. On the upside, I know where I'll be for wedding event commutes and football season.

Also involved were two conversations with Daddy, which I felt bad about right before Father's Day. Friday, I called him crying because my thesis defense had fallen apart and I'd gotten a rejection e-mail for a job I really wanted. He didn't understand the pressure I've been feeling since being jobless since January. Especially since my power, phone, and internet have been cut off at different times and I feel guilty about not being able to pay for any of that. He told me I'd have to commute from Mobile for my defense, which made things worse. Saturday, he called me and apologized, saying that Emily had been given a grace period to find a job, and I would to, so I'm here until December with his blessing. He does want me to finish my thesis this summer though, so I can job search in the Fall, which I can do.