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It’s been a while since I updated about Kalli and my misunderstanding. We still aren’t speaking and I still have no idea exactly what she heard from Jumonville. However, now I have no way to contact her. She blocked my AIM and phone number and took me off her Live Journal friends list, so I can’t leave her comments. Kalli has also deleted the two e-mails I sent her. I don’t know what to do because Sara never talked to her about it since Kalli was having mother and roommate issues at the end of the year. And Kalli also told Sara she had paid me the twenty dollars she owed me, but she never did. She claims I was at the ATM when she took the money out, but I’d remember getting that much money. I’m thinking of writing a blanket apology for Sara to relay, but want to know from her if she thinks it’ll work. If not, I’ll just have to wait until fall.