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Vacation Drama

Ugh, a conversation with Mom and Em this evening reminded why I don't come home much anymore. I knew Kathy Hawkins was hosting a bridal shower for Greer and that I was expected to be there. However, it's July 25th and this is the first I've heard of it, no invitation yet. Where things got ugly wwas the fact that since Kathy's hosting, it will be at a nice venue, which means new clothes, as I've lost weight recently. However, Mom wanted to go shopping this weekend instead of giving me money and letting me shop. When I mentioned shopping with Rachel or Sara, Mom said Sara dresses like a slut and she'd probably think the same of Rachel. Also, when I stated that I probably had pants that fit better than any of my skirts, she stated that I shouldn't be acting like a lesbian who refuses to wear pants. WTF? I never said I wouldn't wear a skirt, just that I might need a new one. And then she said something about the rehearsal dinner which I know damn good and well I'll need a new outfit for, but that's October, not late July. Plus, the outfit she suggested I wear this same group saw me in at a wake a year ago last October, so that makes me hesitant to wear it. Add to this that she's not going because it's too far to drive for one day and I'm a bit pissed. I'll have to get a bus to Macon or Atlanta and then rendezvous with Katherine or Em just to get to this event, possibly traveling the night before, and Mom's already worried about how I'll look? She should be glad that I feel compelled to be there at all.