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Sunburnt on my first trip to the beach? Nothing new. The backs of my hands peeling? Yep, that's new. Not that I'm surprised. Lotion on the backs of one's hands is kinda difficult. Especially when washing hands is kinda necessary. Should've tried harder, oops. Other than that, Mobile was good. Watching fireworks by the bay and then setting off lots in the front yard, yay for a state where that's legal. Also, got some personal grooming done. My eyebrows were atrocious and I needed my hair cut and dyed. My hair is now chin length and my grays are covered sufficiently to placate my mother. I swear she's more vain about my hair than I am. I think she feels guilty about my being prematurely gray, which she shouldn't. I kinda like black hair shot with silver. I only don't like the wiry, brittleness of gray hair. However, if Mom will stop pestering, I'll let her dye it. As for other hair stuff, I can't find a decent quality clear hair clip or black hair bands, will try again tomorrow. And as my hair is short enough to wear down, I might need to invest in a hairdryer that works.

As for the rest of my trip, buses are fucking cold during the summer. They seriously over compensate and I need a travel blanket. I've been thinking this for a while, but now that I have unexpected travel looming, it needs to happen sooner. And a travel pillow would be nice as well.


Hi there can I friend you?

Hi Kate,

I'm from IDF. Saw your link in a thread started by poysen. Decided to stop by and got caught up with the layout. Very catchy but not over the top, and easy to read. I LOVE IT! I don't know what's up with blogs these days, overusing black, and very hard to read.

I'm from Asia. Interesting to know you have gray hair. I remember when I was in primary school we discussed why some people have gray hair so early, and believed that because they do the thinking a lot aka very studious :D

I really want a new haircut but I cannot find a shop with decent customer service here :'( And apparently nobody around me either cares or qualifies enough to give me good tips about hair.

Re: Hi there can I friend you?

Sure, friend away. Thanks for the layout love, it's my university colors. As for the gray hair, my mother went prematurely gray, so it's just bad genes, not being studious. ;-)