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Long Update

Last weekend was long and too much travel. I left for Mobile on Thursday because I needed to go shopping for bridal shower clothes. Got to Pensacola and headed for Daphne and Old Navy. Found a top that worked, sort of (getting it off is an adventure), and remembered that I'm between sizes at Old Navy and have been since at least December. Shoe shopping had to wait until the next day. Found some cute coral flip flops to go with the green shirt I bought and then Mom went back to work. We left town that evening and drove to Auburn, where I slept on Emily's couch.

Got up at the ass crack of dawn for showering before driving to Oconee for the bridal shower. As usual, we were late, but finding Felicia and her family on the road helped legitimize our shitty traffic claim. I slept through most of this. The bridal shower wasn't as bad as I thought, no games, just food and small talk. Mostly hung out with the bridesmaids after greeting everyone else. I hate feeling like I have to work a room, something at which I suck. However, after a mimosa, it wasn't so bad. Wasn't particularly amused at the feeling that my love life should be more active, which Patrick's cousin implied. That was the only majorly weird moment though, until I noticed an earring was gone, and not at the venue. Fortunately, it was found at Em's apartment. Anyway, the lunch was fabulous, quiche and chocolate cake. And the gift opening wasn't terribly painful, except the whole retrieval of my gift, which was thoroughly appreciated. I found a sixpence coin, the forgotten part of the "something old, something new..." rhyme. It's supposed to go in your shoe, but that seems uncomfortable. It was creative and cheap though. Greer got oodles of china and kitchen goodies, more dish rags and towels than I could find a use for, but oh well. Not sure where she'll put everything though, as she has more showers yet.

After the shower, we drove back to Auburn, where I listened to the AI cellcast while Mom and Em discussed how to finish packing her apartment, then proceeded to utilize her remaining. If I'd known that was gonna be part of the weekend, I'd have made other travel plans. Anyway, more packing ensued on Sunday before we left. Made me very glad I'd just signed another lease and don't have to contemplate packing for a while. We got back to Mobile late, but I still had time to do laundry before getting on an 8:30 bus, which was freezing, the next morning. I wouldn't advise 6am packing though, as I forgot my hairbrush, not good. Need to buy one tomorrow when I go get meds.

As for school, not much progress on the paper, but I did get my committee in place. I hadn't had anyone except my major professor sign my program of study, oops. This led to delaying graduation until Fall, as Dr. Upchurch isn't available now. However, he and Dr. Frank agreed to sit on my committee, which is better than the committee I thought I had. Especially since my thesis began with the Methods paper I wrote for Upchurch, five pages of which is in my thesis. I've started writing the intro, but didn't get good advice on my intro until I talked to Dr. Frank. Talking to Dr. Gray was useless, even with direct questions. Hoping I get the introduction finished soon.


Yeah, no kidding. Hoping to get back to writing Monday as there's no concert that night.
What major are you in and what is the title for your thesis?
I'm an American History major and my thesis has no title yet, but it's about sports mascots and advertising as relating to Native Americans and African-Americans.
Ooh, that sure tickles my curiousity. I have a Bachelor in Commerce so cannot help pondering. You're in History department; I guess the analysis would be a mix about sub-culture, marketing and anthropology?
Yeah, and racism. ;-/