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Productivitivy, out the window… I was going to go to the library and start writing my introduction, for real this time. Unfortunately, my power went out after I showered and dressed. I knew my bill was overdue, but they don’t usually cut off the power for non-payment at 3:15pm. It’s normally in the morning. However, I couldn’t get an actual human on the line to determine the cause of the outage. It took forever, but I paid the bill and then when I gave them the confirmation number they told me that there was an outage, not a disconnection. So, my power’s now sort of on almost two hours later. My alarm clock’s radio has been randomly cutting on, not in the mood for Seacrest’s voice right now. My lights and fans are at partial power, I have no internet or enough power to restart my desktop.

And I’m currently listening to old music, need to raid mp3_share later. I just recently got enough power for the external hard drive that may result in analysis of my endless copies of Slow Ride. It’s the last track in checking my AI tour mp3s for quality. Found some surprises in doing that, such as the Little Rock Starlight being the best quality, the crowd least likely to really appreciate it. And the Vancouver Bowie Medley (naughty versions not included those are worth it regardless), as most of the other Vancouver mp3s sucked. Or maybe not…my power’s back on!


My collection is only up to the tour stop before Little Rock. I'm kinda tired of them being same old. But reminding myself to download Newark media. I was ecstatic watching Rickey's short Slow Ride video. He laughed real loud at "What the f-- is this". After that I glued to my comp trying to find proof if the fans cracked up. Only I found Neil cracked up to "I'll run with you too". What a treat :D

But more important than that, good luck. I find myself having concentration issue all the time. I constantly get stuck sentence after sentence.
I've been doing one set a week of late, not every stop. I need that Slow Ride, but probably not that set. And thanks, I'll need it.