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Hello Real World

Ok, this is about to be possibly the most random entry ever. Football season is almost here. This means I need to register for hours and figure out the new ticket system ASAP, as I can't afford the student ticket package you can now buy. As for the rest of the new system, general admission, WTF? There goes an extra two hours of game day and ever seeing skull session again. Fortunately, we have several night games early, starting with Miami, which is why the ticket urgency. I have no idea why that game is Labor Day again, way too much stress. I miss mid-October, that'd be the perfect wedding decompression, but no. Instead, I get a bachelorette party in Atlanta and game day in Tally in 48 hours, with Sara in town Sunday, genius planning I tell ya.

However, the start of football season also gives me a target for finishing my thesis, as Matt, a Miami fan from my AOL board days, asked to read it when he IM'd me last night. Holy blast from the past hadn't heard from him since February and probably not more than twice in the last year, both short e-mails. He's married now and a dad, the latter of which is so surreal I don't even know where to start. Was just thinking the other day how much I miss him. I need some balance in my football discussions as Tyler has worse garnet and gold goggles than I do.

I may have just found that balance though, in the form of an interested admirer from an online dating site. We first messaged and talked about two months ago, as his profile picture was him sitting in The Swamp, but he lives in Tally and is not an FSU student. Turns out, he's a Gator fan, but dating the enemy could be intriguing, especially since he wants to go to an FSU game with me. He'll see another side to me, that only a handful of friends know exists. I told him we must me up before then though. And if I'm not in Gainesville for the Gator game, I will be watching it with him, whether he likes it or not. He told me he likes watching Gator games alone because he has a temper. He shouldn't have done that...

After 23 months in prison/halfway house/home confinement for dog fighting charges, Michael Vick has now been cleared to play football again and was signed by the Philadelphia Eagles. This will cause all sorts of drama and has already gotten me hate posts on the CourtTV boards, but I agreed with Goodell's decision to reinstate him and trust that the Eagles know what they've signed up for. Tony Dungy has been mentoring Vick and as a Colts follower, I trust him implicitly. He wouldn't have gotten involved, including visits to a federal penitentiary, without believing this was a worthy cause. However, between his losing his son to suicide and Eagles' coach Andy Reid's sons' drug abuse and legal troubles, I wonder if they don't both see Vick as a chance to make things right. That's the only problem I have with this whole mess. Other than the unfortunate consequence on signage that will come from protesters courtesy of Beagles rhyming with Eagles.


I grew up as a Cowboys fan and still am to some extent, yay for Tony and Jessica no longer being together. However, I also care way more than I ever thought I would for the Pats and Colts. I'm dreading the post-Dungy era in Indy and elated that Brady if finally healthy again. My dad is a Falcons fan living in Saints territory, and my mom and sis are only college fans.
Ah yes, my daughter, dad and also hubby (once in a while when the Bears are losing) love the Colts too. My son, hubby and dad also love the Illini football and basketball teams. I personally don't like college football or basketball of any kind.
I chose my college in part because of my love of its football team, but my basketball allegiances are with UNC, and always have been.