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Charity News

I'm not one for charity projects, usually my volunteering comes in the political arena. However, an American Idol finalist I've been fangirling over, Adam Lambert, asked that his fans stop giving him gifts and donate to charity. To this end, he set up a competition to benefit DonorsChoose.org where the fan group that donates the most gets a chat with him. However, the group I donated through has taken this to heart. Somehow, I found myself donating to help kids, not win a competition. Those of you who know me, know how completely out of the ordinary that is, as I love to win and kids are not my favorite people. Anyway, as I've filtered my Adam obsession out of my Friends List, why am I bringing this to the masses? First, it's a good cause, with lots of options, and second, we made national news.


If you want the details, just ask.


Why filter your Adam obsession? Annoy your flist with it. It's fun. *bg*
Because they aren't AI fans and at least one is AI hostile. After he's not part of AI, things may change.

I've got an insane Kris fan on my flist. She used to be all into Kradam, but lately she hasn't been that nice to Adam, but I try not to let that get to me. I actually have someone who didn't watch Idol, but does realize how hot Adam is and I gave her a link to a WLL vid for her to watch him in action. She really loved it. So, I'm working on converting her. *fingers crossed*
Hehe, I might post some vids, not sure yet.