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Long Weekend of Partying

Getting to a bus station at 7am is cruel and unusual punishment, even with my sleep cycle. That's exactly what I did on Saturday though. Had to be on the 7:30 bus to Atlanta for Greer's bachelorette party. I went shopping on Friday after hearing from Mom that Emily had gotten furry handcuffs. Who hears from their mother that their sister purchased handcuffs??? Anyway, with that knowledge, I found a two-piece set in Victoria's Secret that cost more than I intended, but was totally worth it, black and red tie back naughty maid looking outfit. Also for a cute top and let Rachel give me advice on what to wear with said top for the bachelorette party. Packed all of my stuff at 6am after searching out concert footage and reading fanfic consumed my evening. Anyway, got to Greyhound and got my ticket with no trouble, but the bus ride was cold as fuck. Sleep didn't happen for a while, but it did eventually happen. As such, I was fine for the night's festivities. First though,, the afternoon's festivities, which included many phallic toys and edibles, as well as gifts, which ranged from cute sleep shorts to lingerie to the riding crop Em got along with handcuffs. The combination of which sent my mind to a certain LA Darkroom picture, but I digress. After presents, we shopped, or rather, they shopped and I wished I could...

Dinner was yummy tapas at a place I need to run by Bryan and Tina. Calamari, salmon, lamb and steak, the latter of which I skipped. White wine commenced the evening's drinking, which began in earnest immediately after dinner. Barhopping at 9pm? Totally not my usual. However, this whole evening was outside my comfort zone, in good and bad ways. Being dragged onto the dance floor, not my thing, flirting with a guy who views my enjoying stupid pranks a challenge, that I can deal with, and he ended up winning. After much talking and my actually utilizing the riding crop, I ended up on the dance floor, with a guy. First time in about a decade. Meanwhile, the rest of the bachelorette party was doing things like being naughty enough for security to take pictures of them in the bar's jail cell, which security put them in, and checking items off the bride's to do list, and the bride-to-be doing too many shots, and photos with a second bachelorette that night with the same wedding day as Greer, what are the chances. Several were accomplished. And enough questionable pictures were taken that they are on flickr, not facebook. The night ended at an hour at which I'm usually still dressing to go out. Got back to the hotel and had watched Greer have some discussions she had no memory of the next morning. The night ended for good by me falling asleep before pizza that was ordered arrived, but it was all good. I was just happy to be in a bed, not a chair.

The next morning was hurried packing before lunch and more shopping. However, California Pizza Kitchen is totally worth it. We went to Lush after, my first trip ever in one, wish I hadn't been broken. Then we went in Anthropologie forever, which was kinda cool as I usually leave that to Mom and Em. What put a smile on my face was the fact that Nike Town is now in Lenox, and may be where I watch the UF game. *grumble* The moral of this trip is I need a job, now.

I got back to Tallahassee at 10:30 and was greeted by Sara at the bus station. I'd thought to eat at the Arby's food stop and when plans to go to Bullwinkle's materialized, I was glad. Liquor pitchers on an empty stomach would've been hell. It was packed, inside and out, with two lines for entry, plus the VIP line. Spent more than we'd planned on cover, as we couldn't find the amount before we left my apartment. Sara had some fun by dumping drinks through the slats in the deck after being egged on by a guy who looked our age or older. Are we all mentally 12? And while she was gone, I talked to a guy who'd apologized for bright picture flashes earlier. He's a law student at a school I'd considered looking to transfer here. Interesting insight considering I'm still toying with the idea. We didn't just talk shop though, there was some flirting as well. A riding crop is more effective than my hand for smacking ass. Damn being a lefty. And even though I'd found him attractive, I didn't realize why until later. He look a lot like my high school crush, Josh, even shared a name with Josh's brother. Totally not the type many of my readers would probably picture me with, but totally my type. This weekend is the most male attention I've gotten in a while, and it was great. Anyway, after too much drinking, Sara and I walked home, part of which she didn't remember. Since when am I the responsible one? She went to bed, I caught up on online stuff, after enough koolaid to rehydrate. Slept late the next day knowing that game day would be long, and my next entry.


I figured you would and you're welcome. ;-)

And yeah, attention from guys makes me feel like a teen again, what?

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